Wildlife & Nature Gallery
I hope you enjoy looking through this selection of photographs, taken across Cumbria and the UK.
Please note these images have been reduced for the website display, so the resolution is not as clear as the original prints for purchase.
The images have also been embedded with copyright information.

The Inquisitive Juvenile

A Juvenile Black Grouse in Northumberland. 

The Hidden Hare

Taken in Cumbria and as featured in the Protect the Wild Calendar 2023. 

Highland Buddies

Highland Cattle in Cumbria.  

Woody's Lunchtime

Male woodpecker in a Cumbrian garden. 


A close up of tiny but vibrant red flowers in my garden in Cumbria. 

Voly Nuts

A vole in Gelt Woods, Cumbria, that graciously accepted cashew nut pieces from me.

Dragonfly Pose

This beauty rested in this pose for me at the Solway Coat in Cumbria. 

City Bee

A bee at work on the lavender in a back yard garden, Carlisle. 

City Bee in Colour

A bee at work on the lavender in a back yard garden, Carlisle. 

Swan a Swimming

An elegant swan at Talkin Tarn in Cumbria. 

On the Lookout

A female sparrowhawk in a holly tree in a Cumbrian garden. 

Soaring High

A Buzzard soaring high in Cumbria. 

The Lone Cow

The silhouette of a highland cow in Cumbria.